Gameplay FAQ

In this article, you can find answers to frequently asked questions about Island Questaway.

How do I start a new game?

You need to contact Support. Our specialists will help you reset the game progress.

I'm out of resources, what do I do?

Some game resources are finite, so you may find yourself short of them. New resources may be added in future game updates.

If you are short of the resources required to progress the main story, contact Support. Our specialists will review your inquiry.

How to move or sell buildings?

To move a building, long press it and drag it to the desired place on your farm, and then tap the green checkmark.


To rotate a building, long press it, and then tap the arrow.


You cannot sell buildings but you can store some of them in inventory. To store a building, long press it and tap the box button.


To access inventory, tap the cashbox in the lower left corner and select this tab:


How to feed animals?

Animals are fed automatically when you collect food from the producing building.

Why do my animals disappear?

Animals can produce farming goods a limited number of times. The number is displayed next to the animal.


If an animal cannot produce goods anymore, it leaves fruits and runs away. After that, you need to collect fruits and buy a new animal.

I can't solve a puzzle.

In this case, contact Support. Our specialists will review your inquiry and help you solve the puzzle.

How do I save in the game?

Island Questaway is an online game. Your progress is automatically saved on the game servers in real-time even if you close the game. Whenever you log in to your account, your progress loads.

I need more energy.

There are several places you can obtain energy from:

  • You can use fruits to produce energy in the Cauldron. 7jjME5NsPj.png
  • Every six hours, you can play a card game at this table and get bonus energy: Nox_ytJZGNEx74.png
  • You will find various chests and vases that contain energy around the Island.
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  • One energy point automatically refills every 1.5 minutes even if you are offline.
I see a "No path" warning and can't move.

It is likely that you are blocked by vegetable patches next to the house door. Move several patches to another place.


If you require further assistance, contact Support. Our specialists will review your inquiry.

How to find a resource?

Tap the magnifying glass next to the icon of this resource. You will be directed to the place where you can find or produce the resource.

How to find a Bone Saw Blade, Bone Comb, and Bone Palette-Knife?

You can obtain these instruments by delivering orders. You will find them on the order board.


Orders that grant instruments are indicated by a screwdriver and wrench.


If you want to skip an order and wait for another one, select it and tap the trash bin.


How to complete ship orders?

Once you reach level 12, you can complete ship orders. The ship is located on the pier of your farm.

  1. There are three decks on the ship. Each of them grants different rewards.
  2. Tap the required resources to load the first deck. Once you load resources, they disappear from your inventory.
  3. You may ship out the order with only one deck loaded and receive the corresponding reward. However, in this case, you receive the lowest reward. If you want to get all rewards, collect the required resources and load the other two decks .
  4. When all decks are loaded, ship out the delivery.

If you do not want to complete the current order, you can skip it by sending an empty ship. You will not receive any reward and will have to wait for another order.

What's the point of Cableway?
Cableway has three elevators. Each of them delivers one order that contains from three to five carts. Orders are automatically delivered once you have loaded all carts with the required resources. As soon as you send an order, a timer starts. When it runs out, you receive a delivery reward and get a new order.
What rewards do I get for delivering orders by Cableway?

As Cableway delivery rewards, you get different resources required to explore Temple Dungeons:

  • Bone Pick,
  • Bone Key,
  • Bone Shove,

or to produce fertilizers and vitamins in Fertilizer Workshop:

  • Dried Berries,
  • Mineral Salt,
  • Herbal Flour,
  • Herbal Infusion.
What am I supposed to do in Temple Dungeons?
Explore the depths of Temple Dungeons: use instruments acquired in Cableway, clear debris, open doors, and descend to deeper floors.

When you enter a new floor, you cannot go back to the previous floor.

In Dungeons, you will find special chests containing uncut jewels. You can refine them in Jewelry Workshop to get bags of different jewels used to upgrade farm buildings.

I can't find Temple Dungeons.
The entrance to Temple Dungeons is located in the eastern part of your farm: uurzzB3Faro.jpg
What do I do with uncut jewels?
You can refine uncut jewels in Jewelry Workshop to get bags of different jewels. They are required to upgrade farm buildings.


What's the point of Engineer’s House?
Engineer’s House allows you to upgrade your farming buildings.


Tap Engineer’s House to check the following:

  • farming buildings you can upgrade;
  • resources required to upgrade a building to the next level (1);
  • current building levels (2).


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