Temple Dungeons

Temple Dungeons unlock at level 13. You can find the entrance in the eastern part of your farm:


The Dungeons consist of floors with different treasures. You can find chests with rewards throughout the location:


To enter the next floor, you need to find an exit and a key to open it. The key is hidden in a special chest.


The exit.


The key chest.

You cannot return to the previous floor once you enter a new one.

To explore the depths of the Temple Dungeons, you need instruments:


You need a Bone Pick to remove debris in a doorway.


You need a Bone Lockpick to open doors.


You need a Bone Shovel to remove debris throughout the location.

You can get the tools by completing Cableway orders, finding them in Dungeon chests, or buying them with gems.

While exploring Temple Dungeons, you can also find jewels:

topaz.png Uncut Topaz,

ruby.png Uncut Ruby,

sapphire.png Uncut Sapphire,

emerald.png Uncut Emerald.

You can refine them at the Jewelry Workshop to get bags of jewels, which are essential for upgrading buildings.

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