On your farm, you can have various animals that produce farming goods:

  • Chickens produce eggs.
  • Goats produce milk.
  • Llamas produce wool.
  • Parrots produce parrot feathers.
  • Ostriches produce ostrich eggs.

You can purchase ordinary animals using coins. You need gems to buy pedigree animals. Pedigree animals produce twice as many recourses over the same time. Tap the question mark in the animals' house to find more information on the production of goods.



To produce something, you need to feed your animals. The food is produced in Barn, or you can buy it using gems.


When you have enough resources, select the desired food and tap Create. As you collect the produced food, your animals get fed automatically.


Each animal house has a resource capacity. If you have one goat, the house can store three jugs of milk. If you have two goats, Goat's House can store only six jugs of milk, and so on. Goats will not produce more milk until you collect it.

Also, animals can produce farming resources a limited number of times. The number on the basket next to the animal indicates the number of charges. When it reaches zero, the animal drops some fruits and runs away. Tap the fruits to collect them and purchase a new animal.


You can also speed up the production of resources by feeding vitamins to your animals or using gems.

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