Kitty and the Soft Paws event

Soft Paws is a special event available at level 9. It implies completing tasks for seven days to get the grand prize — Kitty.


Tap the event icon on the right side of the screen while the event is active to view its details:


You get four quests every day. By completing each quest, you receive the corresponding rewards indicated under the requirement. After you complete all four tasks of the day, you get ten Special Event Coins.


To obtain Kitty, you need to collect 70 Special Coins. If you do not complete all the tasks by the end of the event, you will be able to purchase the remaining Special Coins for gems. This option is available for three days after the end of the event.

You will get Kitty once the event timer runs out.

When Kitty appears on your farm, it starts giving you 50 energy points every 12 hours (700 energy in total). You can check the countdown and the number of the remaining attempts to get bonus energy by tapping the cat:


Once Kitty grants you all available energy, it stays on your farm as a pet.

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