How do I save my game progress?

To open the instructions on how to save your game account, tap the name of your device operating system.


Island Questaway saves gaming progress via Android Backup. If it is enabled on your device, your game progress is saved to your Google account and can be restored automatically if you need to reinstall the game app. This simple instruction will help you enable Android Backup on your device:

  • Go to Settings – Google – Backup on your device;
  • In the opening menu, tap the Back up now button:​

  • Wait for the backup process to be over. There should be a progress bar at the top of the page.​​

On iOS devices, Island Questaway saves gaming progress via iCloud. Make sure you are signed in to your device with your Apple ID, then log in to the game.

You can also write down your current game ID somewhere for additional safety.

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