Expedition companions

Let's take a look at our cute expedition companions!


They help you find additional resources during your adventures on the island.



Fennec and Red Panda become available once you complete all the Explorer's Tasks in the following locations:

  • You can get Fennec for completing every task in Ancient Ruins in the first Chapter.


  • You can get Red Panda for completing every task in Golden Lake in the first Chapter.





You could get Panda, Lemur, and Monkey during previous special events. The developers may add another way of getting them in the future. Follow us on social media to stay tuned!

To view all the pets, go to the Pet Home located on your farm.


Once you tap the Pet Home, the Pets menu appears. You can find the pet list on the left side of the screen. Select a pet to do the following:


    1. Take a pet on an expedition or send it to your farm.

You can go on an adventure with only one pet at a time. Other pets stay on your farm.

    1. Let a pet out of the Pet Home or make it stay in there.
    2. Select a skin for a pet if you have any. You can get skins during some special events.
    3. Equip amulets. A pet can wear only one amulet at a time.

The amulets grant a reward for each 75 energy points you spend during your adventure.

The energy you spend on your farm is not counted.

Depending on the accessory a pet wears, you get different rewards.


By default, pets wear amulets with a question mark. They grant a random resource.


The Lightning Bolt Accessory grants seven energy points. To get the amulet, complete all the Explorer's Tasks in the Ship Graveyard location in the first Chapter.


The Gold Accessory gives you 80 gold. You could get the amulet during the Legends of Water Valleys event.


The Tool Accessory gives you a Bone Pick, Bone Lockpick, or Bone Shovel. You could get the accessory during the Playful Lemur event.


The Harvest Accessory gives you a booster: animal vitamins or fertilizer. You could get the amulet during the Stranger Things event.

When you get a new accessory, you need to select a pet that will wear it. Note that you can select only one pet. The option to get the same amulet for other pets may appear in future updates.

You can also change the accessory during an expedition. To select the amulet, tap the pet icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen and select the collar icon.


In the opened window, tap the desired accessory and press Put on. You can also view the progress bar of resource accumulation above the Put on button:


When a pet has a gift for you, you will see the corresponding icon above its head. Tap it to claim the gift. The pet will not start accumulating resources for the next gift until you collect the current one.


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