Once you reach level 11, you unlock a new game feature, Seasons. A Season is a special event that starts on the first day of each month and lasts 28 days.


To open the Season menu, tap the Golden Pass icon in the bottom-left corner of the game screen. The icon also shows the time remaining until the end of the event.


The Season has daily and general tasks. General tasks are available throughout the event and appear one after another as you complete them. Some tasks unlock only if you have the Golden Pass for the current Season.


By completing the event tasks, you increase the Season level and earn various rewards. Season rewards are divided into two categories: Free Rewards and Special Rewards. The maximum reward level is 40.


Special Rewards unlock only if you have the Golden Pass. The Pass also provides the following benefits:

  • higher energy capacity;
  • more nuts in the Corgi Kennel;
  • a bonus Wind Turbine;
  • the option to cancel the Cableway orders;
  • the option to find treasure chests instantly.
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