Production buildings

On your Island Questaway farm, you can produce various goods in production buildings. In this article, you can find information on what buildings you can have and what items you can make there.


The Sawmill is available on your farm from the very beginning of the game. Here you can produce the following items:

wicker_blank.png Wicker Blank,



wooden_beam.pngWooden Beam,

pigment.png Pigment.


The Barn unlocks at level five. In this building, you can produce animal food and purify the well water:

feeder.png Feeder,

water.png Clean Water,

goat_food.png Goat Food,

llama_food.png Llama Food,

ostrich_food.png Ostrich Food,

parrot_food.png Parrot Food.


The Quarry unlocks at level six. Here you can process stones and crystals found around the island to produce:

ore.png Ore,

quartz_sand.png Quartz Sand,

processed_clay.png Processed Clay.


The Rope Workshop unlocks at level seven. Here you can produce the following:

cord.png Cord,

light_cord.png Light Rope,

strong_cord.png Strong Rope.


The Pottery Workshop unlocks at level eight. Here you can produce pottery products:

clay_bank.png Clay Blank,

brick.png Brick,

pot.png Pot.


The Dairy unlocks at level nine. Here you can produce various dairy products:

cream.png Cream,

butter.png Butter,

omlet_mix.png Omelet Mix,

mascarpone.png Mascarpone,

custard.png Custard,

ice_cream.png Ice-cream.


The Pet Shop unlocks at level nine. Here you can produce food for Corgi using the Cableway resources and fish:

dog_biscuits.png Dog Biscuits,

fish_sticks.png Fish Sticks.


The Fertilizer Workshop unlocks at level ten. Here you can produce boosters for animals and plants:

vitamins.png Vitamins,

fertilizer.png Fertilizer.


The Bakery unlocks at level ten. Here you can produce various bakery goods:

corn_flour.png Corn Flour,

dough.png Dough,

cookeis.png Cookies,

baked_goods.png Baked Goods,

blueberry_pie.png Blueberry Pie,

sugar.png Sugar,

sponge_cake.png Sponge Cake,

pancho_cake.png Pancho Cake,

festive_cake.png Festive Cake.


The Woodworking Workshop unlocks at level 11. Here you can produce various wooden goods:

wooden_amulet.png Wooden Amulet,

drum.png Drum,

colorful_beads.png Colorful Beads,

flute.png Flute,

dye.png Dye,

mask.png Mask.


The Glass Workshop unlocks at level 12. Here you can produce the following:

glass.png Glass,

glass_beads.png Glass Beads,

jar.png Jar.


The Handicraft Workshop unlocks at level 15. Here you can produce the following hand-made goods:

mosaic.png Mosaic,

caramel.png Caramel,

linen_bag.png Linen Bag,

pineapple_jam.png Pineapple Jam,

doll.png Doll,

idol.png Idol.


The Textile Factory unlocks at level 19. Here you can sew and knit the following goods:

yarn.png Yarn,

socks.png Socks,

threads.png Thread,

calico.png Calico,

toy.png Toy,

carpet.png Carpet.


To unlock the Jewelry Workshop, you need to find two pieces of the building drawings in Temple Dungeons.

In the Jewelry Workshop, you can refine Uncut Jewels found in the Dungeons into these items:

emeralds.png Bag of Emeralds,

rubies.png Bag of Rubies,

sapphires.png Bag of Sapphires,

topazes.png Bag of Topazes.

The bags of jewels are required to upgrade buildings.

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